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Effective 2021 - New Home Owner Grant Application Process

The home owner grant is available to eligible homeowners who pay property taxes.  Effective 2021, homeowners in municipalities no longer apply for the home owner grant through their municipal office. Everyone now applies directly to the province using a new online system that’s easy to use. The system will be available in early 2021.  Although the application process has changed, program details and eligibility requirements have not changed.  The new system helps ensure homeowners receive their full grant entitlement, including the additional grant for seniors or persons with a disability. It also helps process applications faster and reduce fraudulent applications.
Important:  Early applications are not being accepted at this time. To be notified when the system goes live, subscribe to our What's New in BC Property Taxes page
For more information about the home owner grant visit

The 2021 Village of Fruitvale Property Taxes will be mailed out mid May and are due Friday, JULY 2. Property owners who have not received their tax notice by June 11 should contact the Village of Fruitvale office at 250-367-7551.  Property owners are responsible for payment of their annual property taxes by the due date to avoid penalty, whether or not they receive a Property Tax Notice.  Effective July 3, a 10% penalty will be charged on all unpaid taxes and/or unclaimed home owner grant amounts.

Change of Address Notification

To update your mailing address, please contact the Village of Fruitvale Office at 250-367-7551.  We will be happy to send your address changes to BC Assessment Authority.


  • 10% late payment penalty for taxes outstanding at July 3

  • Penalty dates are clearly printed on the Property Tax Notice.  Taxes that remain outstanding after these dates (including any unclaimed Provincial Home Owner Grant amount) are subject to penalty.

Provincial Home Owner's Grant 
If you are eligible for the Provincial Home Owner's Grant, you must apply online at the BC Home Owner Grant pageApplications will not be accepted at the Village Office

Payment Options - How to Pay Your Annual Property Taxes During COVID:

Cheque, money order, bank draft: 
Attach your cheque, money order or bank draft to the Home Owner Grant portion of your tax notice (found on the bottom of the tax notice) and place in our mail slot to the lower left of the front door of the Village Office. Be sure to apply online for your Provincial Home Owner's grant, if eligible.  We will happily accept post-dated cheques.

Internet Banking 
Make payment to your property tax folio number (depending on the requirements of your financial institution, use at least the last 6 digits of your folio number without the 521 and the decimal point.  For example Folio No. 521 00123.456 would be 123456. If more digits are required, use more zeros.  For example Folio No. 521 00123.456 would be 00000123456.)  Be sure to apply online for your Provincial Home Owner's grant, if eligible.

Send an E-transfer to  No password is required.  In the memo, include your property tax roll number and what the payment covers, for example: Taxes for Roll No. 00123.456.  Be sure to apply online for your Provincial Home Owner's grant, if eligible.

Pay by Mail 
Send payment payable to the Village of Fruitvale, at PO Box 370, Fruitvale, BC  V0G 1L0.  Please write roll number on the cheque or money order. Be sure to apply online for your Provincial Home Owner's grant, if eligible.

Credit Card using the Pay TM Canada app Only:
Download the PayTM Canada app to your electronic device.  To set up a new payee Search for “Fruitvale”, select property tax.  Locate the 11-digit folio number on the front of this Property Tax notice.  Use the 11-digit number without any spaces or decimals e.g. 52100543000 as your account number. Be sure to apply online for your Provincial Home Owner's grant, if eligible.

Monthly - Pre-authorized Payment Plan 
This payment plan is to prepay property taxes for the following year, not for the current year.  Contact the Village of Fruitvale office to set up monthly pre-authorized payment plan for your property taxes.  The application form can be found here.  If you are on the prepayment plan and wish cancel it, the cancellation form can be found here. Complete it and return it to the Village Office at least 14 days prior to the next prepayment withdrawal.

Pay in Person at your Financial Institution
Currently, you are unable to pay in person at any financial institutions, however if your Financial Institution lists the Village of Fruitvale as a payee, you are able to pay through internet banking.

By Mortgage Company 
Must be set up through mortgage company.  The home owner grant, if applicable, must be applied for online by the due date to avoid penalty.

Many property owners will have their mortgage payments include an allowance for property taxes.  A portion of the mortgage payment is allocated for property taxes, and is forwarded to the Village of Fruitvale, taking into consideration your home owner grant if eligible. The Village of Fruitvale is not responsible for errors made by mortgage providers.  Please ensure that your mortgage provider is aware whether you are claiming the grant or not each year.

Property Tax Deferment

  • B.C. residential property owners can now apply for property tax deferments on their principal residence online, quickly, and easily.  And for the first time, owners can choose to auto renew their application. 

Look for more information and apply online at:

  • Municipalities will no longer be responsible for accepting deferment applications.  Property owners deferring their taxes will still apply for their Home Owner Grant and make outstanding utility payments to the municipality.


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