Bylaw Enforcement

The Village of Fruitvale creates and enacts bylaws that are designed to support a liveable and healthy community. Village Council would like Fruitvale's residents and visitors to know their rights and responsibilities and work together with the Village to create a safe and health community that everyone can enjoy. The Village has limited resources with which to formally monitor adherence to our various bylaws. It is the Village's policy to rely primarily on citizen complaints as a means of enforcing our bylaws. To learn more about the complaints process, visit our Bylaw Complaints page. 

Once a Bylaw Notice has been issued, Fruitvale uses the Bylaw Adjudication process to provide a smooth and effective process that involves voluntary compliance in the event that there is a violation.

Bylaw Adjudication Process

The Village of Fruitvale has adopted the bylaw adjudication system allows local governments to manage bylaw violations (such as parking tickets, zoning issues, or property standard issues) at the local level rather than going through the provincial court system. Residents who receive a Bylaw Notice have the opportunity to either work with the Village's Screening Officer to arrange a compliance agreement or dispute the violation out of court via an independent adjudicator provided by the Province of British Columbia. It's important to note that residents are only permitted to dispute the claim within 14 days of receiving the Bylaw Notice. 

To view a visual representation of the process, click here.

Why does Fruitvale use this adjudication system?

The bylaw adjudication system benefits the community by:

  • resolving disputes locally and in a timely manner
  • keeping minor bylaw infractions out of the provincial court system
  • allowing those who are disputing notices to do so in writing, in person, or by phone
  • minimizing provincial court time and costs

What are my options if I receive a Bylaw Notice?

Option 1 - Pay the Bylaw Notice:

  • reduced penalty if paid within 14 days
  • full penalty if paid after 14 days
  • late payment penalty if paid after 28 days

Option 2 - Dispute the Bylaw Notice

  • Complete the Adjudication Request form found on your Bylaw Notice or by clicking here
  • Submit the completed Adjudication Request form to the Village Office within 14 days of the Bylaw Notice issue date


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